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About the Australian Hide Skin and Leather Exporters Association

AHSLEA is the national membership body representing the interests of the major exporters of Australian cattle hides, calf skins, sheep and lamb skins, kangaroo skins, and goat skins. The Association is also a member of the International Council of Hides, Skins and Leather Traders Association (ICHSLTA), which promotes, develops, and protects the international trade in raw hides, skins, and leathers.


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State and national legislation, and codes of conduct, strictly regulate and monitor the meat industry in terms of animal welfare and environmental sustainability.


Australia’s strict environmental protection regulations ensure the Australian leather industry is amongst the cleanest in the world.


The industry saves around 8 million cattle hides and over 26 million sheep, goat and kangaroo skins from landfill every year.

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International Contracts

AHSLEA is dedicated to promoting the adoption of official International Contracts. Backed by the International Council of Tanners (ICT), and the International Council of Hides, Skins, and Leather Traders Association (ICHSLTA), International Contracts ensure comprehensive coverage for the leather industry; they offer clarity, legal protection, and benefit both buyers and sellers.

Latest News

The leather industry comes together to celebrate World Leather Day

Today, April 26, is World Leather Day and the global leather industry is coming together across social media to celebrate and shine a light on the material. The Australian Hide Skin and Leather Exporters Association (AHSLEA) is calling for recognition of the positive impact of natural materials such as leather on people, lives, and livelihoods…


Improving Traceability within the Leather Industry is Critical

Improving traceability within the leather industry is a critical step towards enhancing prices and meeting European standards. AHSLEA’S pilot traceability system supported by a government traceability grant program achieved a significant milestone by implementing an inline stamping and tracing system for cattle hides. Andrew Hassall, managing director of Geelong Leather and an Australian Hide Skin…