AHSLEA Unveils New Brand to Spotlight Environmental Leadership

In a strategic move to champion the competitive strengths of the Australian leather industry, the Australian Hide, Skin and Leather Exporters Association (AHSLEA) has embarked on a comprehensive website redevelopment and brand identity uplift. This initiative aims to highlight the industry’s environmental and sustainability credentials while promoting a modern and prominent image.

As part of the brand identity uplift, AHSLEA has refreshed its logo, to deliver a modern design that encapsulates the essence of the Australian leather trade. The clean and minimalist approach seeks to communicate the brand’s core values – quality and modernity– and affirm its roots in the agricultural landscape.

AHSLEA’s revamped website features significant enhancements to ensure a seamless user experience. A critical aspect of the overhaul is the messaging update, aligning with the Association’s purpose to engage diverse audiences, from leather consumers and retailers to key export markets and potential members. The structural update presents a more modern aesthetic with the use of relevant imagesand industry materials.
To amplify its global reach, key pages on the website will be offered in multiple export market languages, enabling effective communication with international stakeholders. The integration of SEO protocols throughout the site aims to boost visibility in online searches, to further assist AHSLEA’s presence digitally.

Importantly, the website’s structure and messaging serve to reassure stakeholders that Australian leather is not only competitive but alsofocused on its environmental and sustainability credentials. The comprehensive website redesign aligns with the Association’s commitment to setting industry standards and positioning AHSLEA as a leader in responsible leather trade.

AHSLEA’s new brand marks a significant step towards a more modern, environmentally conscious, and globally recognised Australian leather industry. It reinforces the Association’s commitment to excellence, sustainability, and global leadership –paving the way for a new era in the world of leather exports.